Hidden Creek 35353 Eiland Blvd. Zephyrhills, Fl. 33541
MUD RUN... MUD RUN... MUD RUN... N o v . 2 3 ,    2  0  1  3    MUD RUN... MUD RUN... MUD RUN...  N o v . 2 3 ,    2  0  1  3    MUD RUN... MUD RUN... MUD 

R U Ready?


R u Ready for the toughest obstacle course in Florida. 

At Hidden Creek Rec. Park 35353 Eiland Blvd. Zephyrhills, Fl. 33541


Spectators are free to come and watch the run. 
$10.00 Parking fee per car. 

About The Run at Hidden Creek
Hidden Creek Recreational Park
35353 Eiland Blvd. 
Zephyrhill, Fl. 33541

May I register as a team:
Yes you may register and race as a team. YOU DO RECEIVE BETTER PRICING WHEN YOU HAVE A TEAM. You are encouraged to invite all of your friends, family, and co-workers to run with you.  You may wear team costumes or have your team name on your shirts. 

Are there refunds if we have a ticket but can no longer attend?
We do not offer refunds. You can however transfer (give or sell) your ticket. You may Edit, Change wave times, or Transfer your tickets by going to Please note the registration company charges $10. per change.

How can I edit, change, or transfer my ticket?

When Should I Arrive?
You should plan on arriving 1 hours prior to your wave time. This gives you ample time to park, register, check your bags, and to mentally and physically prepare yourself.

How old must I be?

The Object?

What kind of obstacles/ challenges can I expect?
There are combinations of man-made and natural obstacles. The man-made obstacles are similar to Army boot-camp type challenges that require you to climb over walls, duck under wire, and crawl through tubes. The natural obstacles involve climbing up and sliding down mud hills and climbing out of open cemetery graves. And then there is….oh wait, we can’t tell you everything!

May I skip a challenge or obstacle?
Yes. If you do not feel comfortable with any obstacle we ask that you go around. This is for everyone’s safety. 

May I wear a costume?
Absolutely! We encourage uniqueness and creativity. Cool costumes will be recognized on our website and at the after Party.

What do I receive for participating?
Racing bib and a couple of safety pins. (Careful not to poke yourself…Zombies will sense the fresh blood.)
A Medal to show off to your friends and mom
Mud in every orifice of your body
Admission to the After Party
Improved self-esteem
A great time
A brand new outlook on life

What Can I Win?
 awesome bragging rights.

What may I bring and not bring the day of the race?
Photo I.D . If you are a minor you will need to bring a parent or guardian. If you are unable to produce proper identification you will only be able to be a (Spectator). Please note we do not offer an “I’m too stupid to remember my ID refund/discount”
Survival Gear: You may bring a back pack with a change of clothes, towel, and shoes. We will have a Survival Gear Check Station for your convenience. You may also want to bring a plastic bag to put your wet muddy clothes in after the race. Your muddy shoes may be left and will be donated to charity.
Money: For food, drinks, beer, souvenirs, and parking. 
 Bring as many friends, family members, co-workers, and classmates as you like. There is comfort in numbers.

Don’t Bring:
You may NOT bring animals, weapons, bad attitude, food, or beverage of any kind. There will be lots of great food and beverage options available for purchase all day long.

How can I become a Vendor?
If you have a product or service you would like to sell or promote to our thousands of attendees, please fill out our vendor application. We have a limited amount of Vendor spaces available. Spaces are sold in 10×10 increments.

Insurance for Participants:
 Because we truly care about the well being of our participants (and yea we don’t want to get sued), we have secured Participants Insurance. This fee covers you if you get injured participating in The Zombie Mud Run. The policy includes Accident and Health coverage as well as General Liability which includes participant liability coverage. Our Provider requires all participants to purchase the coverage which allows us to offer this for only $6 bucks. 

Parking fee of $10.00 per car. Carpooling is recommended.

What is the Sanitation Station?
It is the location of the dressing rooms and showers. You can hose off all the mud (well most of it) and change into something a little more comfortable than wet, muddy, smelly clothes.

What is the Survival Gear Check?
After Registering, you may check your bag containing your change of clothes and personal belongings at the Survival Gear Check for free.

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